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Viernes, 15 Junio 2012 02:00

The fall of the giants.

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A few years ago, Spanish banking system was s being considered the most powerful and secure bank system of in the European Union. Besides, thanks They being helped by the Spanish government of Jose Maria Aznar they could to buy a lot of Latin American little banks established in South America and then expanded their domains in athrough a new Spanish empire. Institutions like Banco Santander and BBVA appeared grown in the cities of the new world born likeas mushrooms after spring rains.

But now, that the envied banking system has fallen from its pedestal, where it remained bound by clay feet. Small Spanish banks fall into crisis while the giants ones begin to wobble. New giants immature even begin to be more a burden than a benefit to Spain. Bankia it’s an example of the situation of the Spanish banks in the world’s economy.
Banks are private companies. Private companies which traded and distributed dividends. Investors run risk to get higher returns, but they can also lose in the economy competition. But, It is a part of those returns depend on reversing the monitor that the proper the proper managers fulfil their function and ethical practice from the banks managersand do not lie.
But However, in the European Union, and especially in Spain, banks plays with special protections. We are not talking about an insurance which coversinsurance covering money intoan account ofone hundred thousand euros, and the remaining money. We are talkingtalk about poor investments.that if they invest poorly, the state paid their bad investments, at any price If the money is poorly invested, the State will pay its bad investments at any price. 
They do not split their profits with the whole country, but if they losses, we will pay the consequences.
Then, I ask myself:, could we drop bring down the giants? Why not?

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