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Martes, 01 Diciembre 2015 21:14

Where is Alexander the Great?

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People from all the world receive sometimes news about Alexander the Great. The most famous king of the old ages died in 323 BC in Babylon. When He died, his kingdom included lands and people from Greece to India.

Alexander was a model for a lot of people from all the history as roman emperors, Hannibal Barca or Napoleon, who imitated his fights, travels and conquests. After his death, by a mysterious disease that is still unknown, his commanders, that were also his friends, they destroyed Alexander’s empire in a lot of wars and conflicts, murdered his mother, wife and son and became a lot of little kingdoms that finally were conquered by Rome. This kings, and his heirs were called Deacons.

Alexander the Great changed the conception of conquest. He absorbed the kingdoms that conquered with their people and customs, not only with wealths. Most usual in this time was the murder and enslavement of people, or give them a lot of taxes. But Alexander changes this conception to other idea. Primitive globalization born with him, and was called “hellenism”. “Imitatio alexandri” became the name of people that want to change the world with wars, diplomacy and marriages. A lot of people from all the centuries after Alexander the Great suffered this thought.

One question is important now for media: where is Alexander the Great tomb? History told us that a lot important romans visited his monumental tomb in Alexandria in Egypt. Recently some investigations situated his tomb in Greece, but science say us that the tombs of Vergina are the tomb of his parents and family, Some investigators think that his tomb was adapted on a church by christians, but the true is that today we missed his tomb or who unknown if it still exist. So history have one question: Where is Alexander the Great?

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