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Viernes, 16 Mayo 2014 16:22

Can our vote make a difference?

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2014 European Elections. Mark your cross in the box. Make your choice

European citizens have lost most of the trust in politicians during the last five years. The economic situation affected our lives and we feel some kind of anger towards people who are supposed to take care of human rights and manage our countries.

Especially Spain has been one of the European countries most damaged because of the economic collapse. Not only that, we have found out how unequally our lives are compared with our politicians.

I have always thought being a politician is a nice career, an important and respectful job. But, lately, in Spain, different parties and members of government have showed disrespectful practices of power. So being a politician it now seems more like how to be richer and benefited by citizen’s work and support.

Can our vote make a difference? Not sure about that. However, you never know if you never try. European Elections are coming; and some parties are emerging and building more real and believable programs.Podemos is a good example in Spain. For now, its objectives are next to citizens’ lives and its leaders are people like us, employed or unemployed, worried about what is going on and keen to help to build a better society.

Here, in Britain, it has always been known the high level of Euroscepticism. There is an intern conflict between what is better for UK, being part of European Union or being apart, joining the euro or staying in pounds, etc.

No doubt, from my point of view and despite of many British people’s thoughts, UK is being really benefited of European agreements and politics. Most of all, London, the most multicultural and open city in Britain, which is an example of how European citizens´ free circulation causes a really good effect on the economy due to the dynamism, competitiveness and efficiency that different profiles of employees bring to the market.

Some British parties are now increasing their belief on European Union. For example, Yes2Europe appeared on 2009 as a representation of Pro-European British people and two of its objectives are: being in the Schengen arrangement (which means Frontier-free in Europe) and joining the euro.

It is a really important decision, choosing one party, because after the elections, big challenges, goals and problems are waiting for the European Parliament’s work. Russian acts over Ukraine, Germany’s leadership, restrictions in rights and overall in work permissions and the need to open Europe equally for all its members.

There is still too much to do, too much to be sorted. So, please, check out the parties and their programs.Mark your cross in the box. Make your choice. 

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