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Lunes, 17 Noviembre 2014 20:55

Immigration: still a lively debate in UK Results of a new research cause controversy

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Living in London is the best way to realize the effects of immigration in UK but it also provides you with less understanding about the existing lively debate which it generates.

Despite the fears of British people to lose identity or lose economic power, the reality is that UK immigration from the European Union has a “positive economic impact”, according to the latest analysis by Professor Christian Dustmann and Dr Tommaso Frattini.

They leaded a new research by the UCL Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM) and the findings were posted out by the Royal Economic Society earlier this month.

British media have published different articles since then and I would like to highlight some of them:

Immigration question still open (Robert Peston for BBC)

UK is magnet for highly educated EU migrants, research shows (Alan Travis for The Guardian)

'Expert' behind migrant report was man who said just 13,000 would come from Eastern Europe (by James Slack for Daily Mail)

Division remains prominent in British society while Cameron’s government still not clear about UK’s role and participation in EU.

Personally, what I have experienced in London after meeting so many European citizens is that immigration is not generating more damage rather it generates more benefits. Most of us are qualified people who come to improve our English, pay our taxes and whenever we need, of course, we use public services as health care.

What we like the most of London is this mixture of cultures and the social harmony. Not only European citizens but also people from Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Mexico, Korea, etc. working together, exchanging their ideas, their opinions and their way of seeing the world is just amazing.

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