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Viernes, 16 Enero 2015 21:24

“Conflict time” The war landscape and consequences since the photography exists

Escrito por  Κασσάνδρα
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9th of August 1945. 11.02 am. Wrist watch stopped after the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki. This is one of the first pictures of the exhibition.

The act of looking backwards, that is what Conflict time is all about. Different countries –Afghanistan, Iraq, Spain, Germany, France, Congo, etc-, different times  since the photography exists-2001, 2003,1936,1914,1939,1996,etc-. But, all are photographed after the conflicts, sometimes 20 seconds after a bomb, other times 20 years after the war ended.

A strong advertising campaign made this exhibition at Tate Modern an attractive plan for the weekend. Unfortunately, it is not as extraordinary as it looked from the adverts. However, if you are curious you will enjoy first of all the amazing views of London from Tate Modern and then of those small details that make the difference.

“I heard the first ring of my death”. A picture of a young and handsome man lies next to this title. It is homage to Sardhast Osman, journalist murdered in Iraq in 2010. The artistEmeric Lhuisset, as a tribute, postedon different walls of Iraq the photography of Osman, who was killed after writing some articles about Kurdistan government corruption. Osman himself predicted his death as the picture title tells. 

Thisartwork reminded me that, sadly, nothing changes. Wars never end, just take different weapons and word is the most dangerous. We don’t have to go too far to find the last Charlie Hebdo attack.

The same people who show us the reality, talk about it or are critics, the ones in most danger. This is our scary reality, full of misunderstanding, lack of respect between others and too much ambition.

At the end, we are small spots in the earth, as small as the holes in the desert of Kuwait in 1991, photographed by Sophie Ristelhueber, an expert capturing the effects of the war.

To end this article I would like to mention the Spanish Civil War representation in Conflict time, by Lud Delahaye. He photographed,70 years after the war, the forensic exhumation of a mass grave containing the bodies of executed Republican prisoners (Malaga,2009).

Although, sometimes we can feel hopeless about the conflict, I wouldn’t say conflict is bad, war is bad. I disagree with the exhibition name. Conflict is a chance to change things, the main point to solve a conflict is the way you use to do it. War is terrible, deaths are unforgivable and that is why governments should keep always a good MEMORY of what happened, what happens and what could happen. 

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