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Jueves, 25 Junio 2015 17:16

How you dare? “Beach body ready” campaign exemplifies beauty demands upon women

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Laugh. That was my first reaction when I saw on the tube station the campaign launched by Protein World to advert its “Weight Loss Collection”. Not only the name of this campaign, “Are you beach body ready?” but alsoits display and image were offensive.

london39 1

Luckily, society soon complained about this provocative campaign. An initiative started in and it got 60.000 people signing against it. Some other methods were used to show the annoyance towards the advert like graffiti or imitation of the scene in different tube stations in London.


london39 2

Therefore, social media channels were the platform where everyone spoke out and gave their opinion. A campaign named Each Body’s ready was launched as a reply to the controversial advert.


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And Stylist Magazine took the chance to reply to Proteins World with a challenging and funny cover (although, this is a more realistic body, many people would say is pretty perfect too).


london39 4


Finally, the ad was banned from returning to tubeby the advertising watchdog.  After receivingabout 360 complaints the Advertising Standards Authority also launched an inquiry into whether the ad is offensive.

Despite all, woman’s body is many times objectified or distorted creating controversy and leading to problems as anorexia or low self-esteem. A few weeks ago an advert by Yves Saint Laurent published in Elle Magazine was banned by the UK’s advertising watchdog. There is no need to explain why after having a look at the model. 


london39 5


Far from solving the problem, new ads are being published every single day, putting women in a shaming position. The last example I will use is an ad posted –again- on London tube trains. A couple of weeks ago, while coming back home after a long day at work, I thought I wasn’t awake when I saw the following advert.


london39 6

WeSwap compares women with money in a sexist ad for its current campaign.

Equality between men and women hasn’t been achieved yet. There is a long process towards this goal but education is essential and I believe society is now aware and sensible about this problem.It seems some creative teams at advertising agencies don’t care about women’s rights and feelings. Please, stop treating us as a product. You might get publicity but not good reputation. 


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